The Backwards Way to Order an Espresso

Photo of cup of espresso-italianoYou might find it strange that I am writing an article on how to purchase a café or gelato, as you would think this is an easy process and it is but it is different from the way we purchase similar items in the United States.  When you go to a café or gelato shop, generally you have to pay the cashier for your order and then you present your receipt to the person at the serving counter.  It is a good idea to peruse the items prior to going to the register and know what you would like, especially if it is a busy place.  In the morning, you get the locals who want to get their café and pastry and be on their way, and like we would be at home, you don’t want to have an undecided tourist holding you up.  The same process is also used if you stop at the Autogrill.  Generally, you have to pay then you get the items that you have purchased.  It is ok to go and look at the choices but before you get anything you have to get a receipt.  If the establishment has a seating area and waitress service and you plan on sitting at a table then you do not have to go to the cashier first.  Here you will order in the same manner as you do in the US, with the exception of the Autogrill where it is usually cafeteria style and there is no waitress service.

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