A Room With A View

Every time I sit to write about Florence I get overwhelmed because I don’t know where to start.  There are so many places to see, restaurants to eat at and things to do it is hard for me to narrow it down.  So I thought, one of the first things that visitors need is a place to stay, and like any city Florence has its share of accommodations.   I have stayed at several three star hotels and found them to be adequate, the rooms were clean, there were decent breakfasts offered and the locations were fine.  Then my husband and I stayed at the Antica Torre di via Tournabouni and nothing else compared.   When we first stayed at this hotel it had a three star rating but it now has a four star rating which in essence means the cost is higher but if you can swing it, the cost is worth it.  For starters, the location is outstanding.  The hotel is steps from the Arno and across the street from Salvatore Ferragamo’s store.  The rooms are spacious and the bathrooms large.  My husband is on the taller side with broad shoulders and for anyone who has stayed in an Italian room with the shower stall you can understand his frustration when his shoulder hits the faucet and he is scorched with scalding hot water.  You will not have this problem at Antica Torre.  For those who like to start their day with a larger breakfast, they offer a nice buffet with a varied selection of muffins, cakes, frittata, rolls, cheese, meat, etc.  The best part is you get to enjoy this lovely breakfast on a terrace overlooking the Duomo, even if the weather is inclement or it is cold there is a windowed indoor breakfast room so you can still enjoy the view.  If you have a chance and want to take a break in the afternoon, there is another terrace that overlooks the Arno, or take your morning coffee and enjoy watching the rowers on the river in the morning.  One thing to note, if you arrive later in the evening/night you have to ring the bell so that the staff can open the door for you (let them know in advance you will be arriving later).  It is a difficult door to see at night but do not be concerned, once inside you will be glad you opted for this hotel.


The website for Antica Torre is:  http://www.tornabuoni1.com/site/en/residence.php

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