Pici, The Tuscan Born Pasta


I love all of Italy but have a fondness for Tuscany and the diversity of the towns that make up this region.  From the tourist filled streets of Florence to the flower boxed windows of Pienza and all the towns in between, you find great food, friendly people and amazing scenery and architecture.  My biggest problem in starting this site has been what to write about first.  My husband told me to start with a food item, specifically Pici.  Being a food lover that is what this posting will concentrate on.  For those of you who are unsure what Pici is, it is pasta, very particular pasta that is found only in the Tuscan region.  Wikipedia refers to Pici as “thick rolled pasta, like a fat spaghetti,” which is a pretty accurate description of how Pici looks.  However, neither Wikipedia, nor any other site can tell you about the fabulous taste or the seriousness in which the Tuscans take their Pici.  I have had the opportunity to eat Pici in several restaurants but the best that I have had to date is in a small restaurant in Montepulciano, called Borgobuio.   Borgobuio is off a small side street in the historical center of Montepulciano and is wonderfully cozy while emanating a feeling of being in a wine cellar.  The staff is friendly and in addition to the Pici they have many other menu items to offer.  However, go their specifically for the Pici and then order if you want more.  Remember though, Pici is a very heavy pasta so you may want to go light on ordering a second dish.  While you are at Borgobuio, ask your waiter if you can step down into the Etruscans ruins, where the antiquity of the restaurant is more than apparent and it will cap off your visit to this restaurant.  You can visit their website at http://www.borgobuio.it/eng/index.html .


If you search for Pici on the internet you will find several sites that sell this Pasta, however, like anything that is not freshly made you will not get the full or true taste of this pasta, so do not judge it by a dried version that you purchase online.  I even brought some dried Pici back from Italy, and you guessed it, how sadly disappointed after my wonderful Pici meal at Borgobuio.

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