City of Towers

There is not an area in Italy that I would not visit but there are some that I would put lower on the list, one of those places is San Gimignano.  I know that this is a historical place, but what in Italy is not of historical significance.  For those unfamiliar with San Gimignano, it is in Tuscany in the Sienna region.  The reason for its popularity is the 14 towers that scatter the city.  The towers are impressive and you can’t find anything like them, in this number, throughout Italy.  So why then do I not put it high on my list of places to visit?  From my point of view, it is not a convenient drive and the town was overrun with tourists all scattering about to see the towers.  The restaurants were the classic tourist trap and the food was ok but not great.  Like all Italian towns, there is duomo and museum that you can visit but not enough to justify the time you have to spend to get there.  Again, I am not by any means telling people to avoid the area but I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit.  If you are making a trip that encompasses San Gimignano and neighboring towns such as Volterra and others, then it is worth taking in the site of the towers.  Additionally, the town is known for its Saffron, so if you are a cook like me this might be of interest.

Below are some links in the event you want to take in the sites of San Gimignano:

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